Riots and Revolution

This project is small publication called ‘Riots and Revolution’ designed during my first term at Central St Martins College of Art & Design. It gathers a selection of articles and pictures that seek to comprehend the recent revolutionary acts (focusing not only on the London Riots but as well on other 2011’s protest movements such as the spring revolution, the 15-M, Occupy and ‘Geração à Rasca’) by thinking our current social, political and economic status. It projects topics and ideas that might reveal alternative ways of perceiving reality by rejecting media and political biases and tries to grasp the uncanny concept of ethics. By claiming that every act is a political act, it inquires about successful and plausible ways of changing our current political reality. It aims to raise questions about new forms of democracy and upcoming political systems. What is our political future? Why are we so afraid of change and, more importantly, why do we praise consensus?

— 2012 / 19.5 x 14 cm / inkjet print / recycled and pantone red gradient paper