Project Paper II

Economic recession; neoliberalism; welfare state destruction; derelict public buildings (…) Project Paper is a project born in the milieu of a crisis, promoting an autonomous and revolutionary discourse for artistic practice.
The project takes a found object (paper) discovered in a derelict public building in Portugal to assemble a publishing project. The paper’s rehabilitation became an unavoidable symbolic action, seen as dual ‘occupation’, firstly of the paper-as-space and subsequently of the factual building-as-space.

In early 2012, the city of Porto in Portugal experienced a time of upheaval involving an occupied building. Mário Moura looks into the controversy in the following text, first published in his blog on July 16th 2012. The notes added to Moura’s text in Project Paper II outline a reflection on libertarian ideals and methodologies, and analyse the increasing social gap in Portugal.

This serial follows Brecht’s refunctionalization notion (the transformation of the forms and the apparatus of production). As in Brecht’s epic theatre, this serial interrupts the narrative to suggest self-reflection — more than to build actions; the epic theatre should represent the state of things. The induced pause leads author and reader to clarify their vision upon reality and fiction. At once, the barrier that separates author and reader is erased. They become mutual collaborators. Together they are able to define and analyse all past choices and to plan future action.

Project Paper II was launched on May 2 at X Marks the Bökship in London.

Project Paper is my research project for the MA Communication Design, Central St Martins College of Art & Design, London.