Project Paper I

Economic recession; neoliberalism; welfare state destruction; derelict public buildings (…) Project Paper is a project born in the milieu of a crisis, promoting an autonomous and revolutionary discourse for artistic practice.

The project takes a found object (paper) discovered in a derelict public building in Portugal to assemble a publishing project. The paper’s rehabilitation became an unavoidable symbolic action, seen as dual ‘occupation’, firstly of the paper-as-space and subsequently of the factual building-as-space.

Project Paper references libertarian philosophy by conveying the principles of self-organization, occupation, free association, cooperation and mutual-aid, to encourage the political debate on the autonomy of artistic production. It proposes the collective ownership of the means of production by turning readers into active collaborators.

This first serial re-publishes a short fiction by the Portuguese Writer, Fernando Pessoa. By the time ‘The anarchist banker’ was published (1922), it might have come as surprise to find a banker that adhered to the anarchist ideal. Today, this is not really the case. The ease with which the banker rejects libertarian collective struggle and converts himself to individualism (the only way to abolish social fictions) is striking. Once one reads this story, one is quickly impelled to question its political tendency. Is it a trap to manipulate the reader into discrediting the validity of altruism and social struggle in favour of capitalism, egoism and oppression? This is something for the reader to decide. Yet, the reader should be aware of/be conscious of the multiple associations one can make from the political philosophy of neo-liberalism to current market economics.

Project Paper I was launched on October 20 at Navio Vazio, Porto.

Project Paper is my research project for the MA Communication Design, Central St Martins College of Art & Design, London.