Homenagem à {Nova} Emoção

Graduation project, designed and edited with Teófilo Furtado. A collaborative project that revisits the concept of "Nova Emoção", outlined years before in our college. "Nova Emoção" was an artistic movement inspired by the post-modernist vanguards. Its main premise was to create an interdisciplinary art movement, primarily in graphic design that would abolish the barrier between elite and mass culture. It opposed to the modern rules of institutional design, notably to the Swiss Design. In response, "NOVA EMOÇÃO" generated a strong, digital and vernacular, aesthetic, based on computer program defaults, as well as, a particular and incisive self-representative discourse.

The book seeks to understand the phenomenon and its dimensions and to speculate about its interaction with the present and future. Our goal was to disseminate this "language" outside our school and city, thereby, it compiles interpretations of 25 individuals in the form of visual essays or writings.

— 2010 / 128 pages / 23cm x 15.8cm