Boring Art

'I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art' is motivated by the homonymous piece of John Baldessari (1971). Baldessari writes repeatedly that same quote in a notebook, during the entire length of a video tape (32min).

My work rediscovers the irony of Baldessari’s coordinates, to criticize, once more, minimalist art. Through a systematic and organized process of work, suggests a symbolic reaction to the assumptions of the structural concept of the work of art. It focuses on the Western alphabet to allegorically replace its characters through color. Suggests a new alphabet that favors an abstract dimension simulated by different media and languages. It sets an analysis of chromatic variation, generated by the predominance of different letters in different languages - colour patterns that would go unnoticed are revealed.

— 2009

— Exhibited at 'Close Up', Rdp, Porto, Portugal, July 2010